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The world is always changing so we choose to be always better.

Let’s create our future together.

We’ve been building at Norm Li. Whether it’s story-telling through 3D architectural renderings for the next high profile development project, taking to the skies to photograph cities from above, or building virtual spaces – we continue to innovate and deliver top of the line service and work as a team.

As we continue to grow, we’re looking for artists and entrepreneurs who dare to dream, have a willingness to experiment, and ultimately know who they are (unique perspectives and all). If you think we’re a fit, consider bringing your talents and strengths to the Norm Li team and submit an application. We will do our best to help you achieve your best potential.


The Charter

We aim to be an organization that is compassionate, fulfilling, and profitable. To build and maintain mutually rewarding relationships so that we can achieve exceptional results, the team created the following charter:

Passion: We love what we do and it shows.

Pride: We give it our best every time.

Work: We create innovative, risk-taking art.

Team: We support each other always – celebrating our successes and learning from our failures.

Service: We foster mutually rewarding relationships with our partners to achieve great results.

Integrity: We are honest, transparent and responsible. We do right by our team, our company, ourselves and our clients.

Creativity: We use our imagination to push the boundaries of our art and innovate for tomorrow.

Always Better than what we did yesterday and in everything we do.


The Process

We review all applications for style, attention to detail, and personality. If selected, we’ll reach out with questions and a request for an interview. If your interview goes well, we’ll request another, check your references, and finally send an offer.


The Opportunity

As a company, we’re in a period of evolution and expansion. Opportunities include working on high visibility projects, experimenting with virtual reality, and carving a path for yourself in the process during a high impact time.


The Perks

We offer what you’d expect from a reputable studio: competitive salaries, health/pension plans, and paid time off. In the studio, we offer workshops, socials, and a myriad of games. Finally, we know life happens, so we offer flexible hours.

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